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My Daughter and Kate Middleton July 12, 2011

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At Least She's Obsessed With A Real Princess...Or Duchess.

Ok, really, who wouldn’t be obsessed with the BEAUTIFUL Duchess Catherine Middleton. She is after all married to a Prince, she seems rather pleasant, and again, she is stunning.

I decided to do a bit of research on ‘Princess Kate Middleton’, (You can’t explain that she isn’t a princess, and that you don’t have to use her last name to a three-year old.) I wanted to know if she is actually a good role model for my daughter, is she worthy of my daughters constant attention?

Here’s what I found out:

Born January 9th, 1982 (So far so good)

Her Parents were flight attendants together (How sweet)

She graduated university with an MA in The History Of Art (okkkkkkkk….quite obviously she wasn’t worried about getting a job with a degree in Art History)

She actually had a few jobs…but was giving it all up to be a professional photographer (That Art History degree is getting dusty)

She and William were like any normal couple, the got together, broke up, got together…(Alright, sounds good)

Kate and William were engaged in Kenya (Lions, Tigers, Princesses, OH MY)

Finally, I found out, Kate’s goal in life was to be married….STOP THE BUS! WHAAAAAAT?

This beautiful, intelligent, seemingly lovely woman’s main goal in life was to be MARRIED? I don’t want my daughter to look up to that.

Frankly, there is nothing wrong with marriage. I have been happily married for 8 years to an amazing man. But, it sure as shit wasn’t a goal in my life to meet Mr Right (more like Mr. Right Now) and get hitched. I wanted to travel, to work, to go to school, to party, to fuck, to do drugs and to experience as much as life as I possibly could before I died. Marriage didn’t factor in to any of it.

I knew I wanted children, but really, I didn’t need to be in a relationship to have that, and I had always figured they would neatly fit into whatever life I chose for myself.

I am trying to wrap my head around this, and this way of thinking. Do women in todays day and age really feel the need to be married? Are women still that dependant on a man or another woman? Do they feel that without a partner they are less worthy than a woman with a partner?

I am by no means a crazy feminist, maybe a bit of one, but not hardcore. I appreciated my dates holding open my door, I liked it when they paid for the date, it made me feel special. But by the same token, I did not NEED another person to make me feel that way!

When I think about my daughter and her future, I hope that similarly to Kate, she travels, goes to school, works, but differing from Kate, I hope she takes the time to experience life, to set goals for herself that do not rely on another person. I hope she is happy, if that means doing humanitarian work, or being an unemployed poet, so be it, as long as she is working towards something so that she can feel whole as a woman – then I will be happy.

So the dilemma now is do I continue to let her worship Kate? Do I encourage her? She is only 3 after all, and  has no concept of marriage, dating, or boys really. Perhaps I’ll save that for when she’s a bit older, and for now, I’ll let her fawn over pictures of “Princess Kate Middleton”



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