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Summer Holiday July 26, 2011

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One of the best parts of vacation

Late last week, we began the trek to our favourite vacation destination.

Dryden Ontario is a small town nestled in the woods and rocks of North Western Ontario. It is stunningly beautiful, set on the Canadian Shield, surrounded by pine, birch, and poplar trees. There are deep, clean lakes around every corner, and the air is fresh, and smog free.

What a difference from Southern Ontario. When we left home it was a balmy 46, when we arrived in Dryden after the 3 hour flight, and 5 hour car ride, it was 18.

When we wake up each morning, there is the odd hum of a boat motor going out for a day of fishing, birds are singing, and you can see the sun rays peeking through the heavy pine branches. Dust motes dance in the morning sun, as we snuggle as a family in our lovely duvet.

I should explain that my in-laws live in this glorious place, they built a house right on the rock in 2001. It overlooks Wabigoon lake, where we swim and sauna the days away. Yup, a SAUNA on the lake. Heaven.

People question spending my vacation with my in-laws, but really, I don’t mind. They are lovely, a bit nuts, but I love them.

My mother in law is an artist, she weaves, does pottery, and paints, but her passion is glass. She spends much of her morning in her studio creating beautiful stained glass windows, fused glass bowls, plates and coasters, or working on a number of pieces she has been commissioned to do for the town. In the last few years she has been teaching me the art of glass work. Needless to say, I suck, but I can understand her love of the medium. I am fascinated when my piece comes out of the kiln, and I see the final result. This year, my daughter was in on the act, making magnets with Grandma. I hope she remembers these days when she is older. It is such a special time for the two of them.

My father in law is akin to a bear. When I first met him, I was scared to say the least, he is tall, and  bulky, with a loud booming voice and a laugh to match. What I didn’t know then, is that he has a heart of gold, and a hug to match. He fishes and hunts, he counsels addicted teens and adults, and loves to spend time making necklaces with his granddaughter. It is beyond priceless. To be a fly on the wall listening to their conversations is one of the best parts about vacation.

Today we will hit the lake, have a lazy lunch and dinner, and just enjoy being together. We will pick raspberries and fresh chard from the garden, take a walk to look for deer, and eventually, we will turn in for the night, only to repeat it all again tomorrow.

I love vacation.


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