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Completion February 16, 2012

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I'll Get There...Eventually!

I love the feeling of being finished. I love the sense of satisfaction I get when I can honestly say ‘I’m done’ and I can put away whatever it was, confidently knowing it won’t come back to haunt me later.

As much as I love that feeling, it is unfortunately both infrequent, and fleeting; infrequent because I rarely have enough time to tie my shoes let alone complete something of importance, and fleeting because as awesome as I feel after finishing something, it is short-lived. There is ALWAYS something else that needs to be done.

Right now, I am procrastinating,…..

(This is where I ended my blog and shelved it for a few days because I can’t complete ANYTHING)

To begin again…

Right now, I am procrastinating, I have a zillion cupboards to clean out, laundry to sort, and let’s not even think about sorting out my basement…it may lead to me taking a permanent vacation in Aruba. (I wonder if they have basements in Aruba?)

I’ve decided to slowly pick my way through things, that way things don’t seem so insurmountable. Paisley has been helping lately, sorting her own laundry and even helping to put things away, I swear it’s the only way things will be put away in a timely manner!

I think about the many things I have completed, highschool, college, travelling our country to all four corners…I’ve completed a lot. I freaking love checking things off my ‘list’, it’s just the small stuff that I have issue with…the small stuff that seems too huge to carry out without my own personal  organiser (if anyone knows one who offers free services…send them to ME) (NOW).

It’s odd, Paisley is this über organised child. She likes things in their places, her dolls go here…and her books here…and ‘No Mummy, my cars go in THIS bin, not THAT bin’…bizzaro. Shaughn would like to think he is organised, or rather he is in certain aspects of his life, but mostly he just moves things around a lot.

I like to toss certain things, other things I have a really hard time letting go of. I have bags of clothes that Pais has outgrown. I have given many away, yet because she grows, I am constantly making new bags! I always want to make sure they go to people who really need them. I have often said, I will take them to a church and someone who really needs them can have them, I just haven’t gotten around to doing it. Other things…TOSS! It drives Shaughn crazy, I will throw all kinds of stuff away, that he would keep. A fine example of this is when our phones were down, I needed a land line to make a call, he directed me to a box, filled with cords, wires, adapters, all kinds of stuff, most of it we don’t have the original items they belong to. I did find a phone for a land line, except the bloody thing didn’t work. WHY ARE WE KEEPING A BROKEN PHONE?????  I would have thrown out 90% of that box’s contents, but he keeps it.

Oh well, this is about me completing stuff, like this post…perhaps now is a good time to end it. To complete it, to finish it…before I shelf it again, and it writes itself!



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