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Oncology Here I Come!!!!!!!! July 4, 2012

Here We Gooooooo…………………..


I received a call today from a new gynaecological Oncologist who is going to see me in 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!

This is AWESOME news!!!!!!!

Get this shit out of me, as soon as humanly possible….but please after my vacation….I really need a break first!

Finally some good news!


4 Responses to “Oncology Here I Come!!!!!!!!”

  1. Thank goodness!!!! I know I’d be thinking “get it out, get it out” constantly. I hope your three weeks fly by and that you get some rest in the meantime. HUGS!

    • Christa Says:

      Thanks Mel.
      I can’t wait for this all to be over. And yes, rest would be nice…hard to sleep at night, but I know once I sort through everything I’ll sleep better!

  2. whoselliot Says:

    This is very very good news!!

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