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There’s Sausage and Flax Seed In My Stuffing… October 10, 2011

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What I am most thankful for.

Here it is, Thanksgiving Day (in Canada). Unbelievably, it was sunny, warm, and really, the most perfect autumn day.

Thanksgiving has been tough for my family in the last few years, it always falls on my Mum’s birthday, which is also the day her younger sister died of breast cancer. As happy as we all are to be together, there is always an empty place at the table, and my mum is never quite herself. Understandably.

Our original traditions began in my house, it used to be my grandparents, but we bought it 5 years ago. My grandparents would have the entire family over; so their 5 kids, my 14 cousins, plus the odd boyfriend, family friend, or person who had no family to join us. Usually we ended up with a good 30 people over for the holiday. Now, our/their house is small. We live in a semi-detached with less than 1000sq feet for the whole thing. What we don’t have in house, we have in yard, almost half an acre, which is unheard of in the city. I digress.

Anyways, my grandmother would prepare the turkey stuffing, (we call it dressing) the day before and leave it out, so it would be a bit stale going into the bird, and my grandfather would get up on thanksgiving day at 4, stuff the turkey and put it in the oven. Due to the size of our family, the turkey was usually between 25 and 27 lbs. That’s a lot of turkey, so it needed a lot of time to cook. At 3pm the family gathered, the kids played in the yard, eventually a family soccer match began, and we sat to eat at 5, well, the kids sat to eat at 5, then the kids did the dishes, and the parents et al sat to eat at 6:30. It was awesome. I miss those days, simple, delicious, perfect.

Fast forward to 2011, my family has shrunk considerably in some respects, my grandparents, and two aunts have passed away, but many of my cousins are now married with kids, or divorced with kids…

This year it was decided to hold Thanksgiving dinner in a local park, people would bring the food, we would eat early, and the kids could play on the playground, feed the ducks etc.  In theory it sounds ok. In reality, it sucked balls. I was constantly worried about the kiddo as there were 500 other families with the same idea, the food was cold, and non-traditional, the company was good, although scattered. I didn’t really get to visit much because everyone was too busy watching, or not watching their kids. I will say, my cousin made a lemon cheesecake to die for. That was good.

I feel very selfish in saying all of this. Thanksgiving is about  being thankful for what I have, who I have. It is about spending time with the people you love. I love my family, but didn’t spend much time with any of them other than an uncle’s mother who I barely know.

So, I guess, although this year was a bust, I would like to say I am thankful for my crazy ass family. They are a loud, obnoxious bunch, who all love each other. I am thankful that another year has gone by, and we have not needed help, we have put food on our table, clothes on our backs, and we are healthy. I am thankful for the two people in my life who are more important than anyone. I get up each day knowing that as much as I love them, they love me ten fold more.

Well, Happy Thanksgiving, don’t eat too much turkey, and always leave room for pumpkin pie. (Of which there was none of at my get together, so if anyone wants to send me some feel free to message me and I’ll send you my address!)



Cooking 101 September 5, 2011

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Yep, that's how we roll....

As you read recently, part of my new life include being organised enough to PLAN and PREPARE dinners.

For starters, I love to cook. I really enjoy it, what I don’t enjoy is following recipes, so much so, that I have a beautiful recipe box that is nearly empty. I love to experiment in the kitchen, add a bit of this and that. I usually come out with winners, but I will admit, I’ve had a few failures!

The last few years, we have been coasting when it has come to food. We have eaten out far too much, and the meals I have prepared, have generally been quicker and convenient rather than healthy.

So, I enrolled with a menu planning site called Relish, www.relish.com, which I found on The Bloggess’ blog,  http://thebloggess.com/ (incidentally, she has a promo code for 20% off!) (I also happen to LOVE her blog, you should read it too!).

Now, you might think to yourself, ‘WTF? Can she not pick up a cookbook and write the recipe out, and make up her own shopping list?’ Well, the short answer is, Yes, yes I can. The longer answer is, No. I will not take the time or energy required to do it. I am LAZY!  That cute 1950’s Mom, with the incredibly well stocked fridge, that is super neat and tidy – I am not anywhere close to her.  I am the ‘open the fridge, smell the crisper, close the fridge, open the freezer and grab chicken fingers and frozen veg’ kind of Mum.  Well, I was that kind of Mum. See, I figure if I say it enough, I will just automatically be the perfectly made up, pressed dress, über 1950’s Mom that every kid and husband dream about.

I spent much of my afternoon making three meals, two soups, and tonight’s dinner. Things turned out well. The first soup, a tortellini soup is a little bland, I may need to doctor it up when I take it out of the freezer to eat it, the second soup is AWESOME! It is a lasagna soup, which was totally flavourful, and yummy. The dinner was steak with mushrooms, shallots and gorgonzola cheese, and polenta….which turned out I think. I’m not really sure what polenta is supposed to be like, but mine was kinda like a whipped potato consistency. It was ok. I think it REALLY needs doctoring up.

I don’t know what I am making tomorrow, but I have my choice of 6 dishes, and I have all of the groceries that I need to prepare each one of them. I guess I’ll see what strikes my fancy tomorrow. So wish me luck, I know I will need it, I’m not super Mom, I’m incredibly disorganised Mum. I’m not put together as much as I am thrown together. I don’t try to keep up with the Jones’, because I don’t really care. I’m just going to work my way through this next year one meal, one recipe, one bit of organisation at a time.


Waiting For Autumn September 4, 2011

As a new season is upon us, I can't help but be happy for the change.

As most of you know, I’ve kind of had a shitty summer. Work has been less than satisfying, my vacation was challenging, and to top everything off the news of Paisley’s MHO.

So, now I’m waiting for Autumn. I am waiting for crisp mornings, where you can breathe in the cool air. I am waiting to see the children walk down the road with their new backpacks, and sneakers. I am waiting for the smog of Southern Ontario to clear, and the gorgeous sunny days to come out. I can’t wait to see pots of fall mums, and to go apple picking in the orchard.

I am looking forward to the leaves changing, and eventually falling off. I can’t wait to see Pais jumping in the mountainous piles that the 7 trees in our yard make! She had so much fun doing that last year.

With the autumn comes death, the leaves die, the grass becomes dormant, as the earth rotates on its axis and our days become shorter and our nights longer. I get up in the dark, and finish work in the dark. The days are challenging, but there is nothing better than snuggling in on a cool night.

I am ready to leave this summer behind. I am ready for a new beginning, even if that beginning is really an end. I need some new perspective.

This autumn will bring my family many new challenges, Shaughn is starting school again, we have welcomed a girl from China into our home as she studies English, I have a new daycare child starting after saying goodbye to another. I will essentially be a single Mum five nights a week, and truthfully – I’m scared shitless. But again, I look forward to a change of pace and a change of scenery.

I am determined to be more organised, I have menu plans ready to go, cleaning schedules in the making. I have childcare arranged for when I need it, and my gym schedule is set. I feel pretty good about the changes I have made, and I don’t know that I could be more ready for what is about to happen, but as we all know, we can’t predict the future and I’m sure I will encounter some craziness.

So as autumn creeps up on me, I again look forward to what is to come, I am going to embrace the crazy, cherish each day with my girl, be open to the inevitable changes upon me, and above all be thankful for my beautiful life.


Life Update – Regaining My Sanity July 16, 2011

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I'm not THIS peaceful yet...but I'll get there

It’s been a few challenging months for me. But I am starting to feel better, I am starting to look forward, and I am starting to be more hopeful.

I’ve discovered the small changes I have been making have seemed to make all the difference in my work life, my home life, and in my own mental well-being.

The biggest thing, and I wish I wasn’t serious, but believe me its soooo true….I have been referring to the daycare kids as ‘Love’ or ‘Lovey” like a pet name. It has helped to remind me that even if I am at my WITS end with this child, that they deserve my love, and even if at that moment I don’t like them, deep down (and sometimes it’s REALLY deep down) I do love each and every one of them.

I have also decided to shelf all of my worry for the autumn. I have decided to enjoy our short summer, and not worry about what September will bring.  I can’t change things, I can’t worry about the unknown, if I continue to, I will make myself certifiable. I know that eventually things will work out, they have to. I don’t have a choice but to be a Mum, I don’t have the choice as to work or not, to go to the gym, swimming lessons, gymnastics, karate…I have to keep doing what I do, just as a single Mummy. I know how much I am going to miss our family time, but that will just make me treasure our weekends and time together more. S is doing this to better himself, and ultimately our family. I am so proud of him.

I have continued to faithfully go to the gym, and I love it! When I don’t work out, I feel like ass. When I do, I feel like a million dollars! I have ramped up my gym days to five a week. When I get home after my holidays, I will be adding weight training into my schedule. The end result is to keep my sanity in check, and to continue to work towards a healthier me.

So, for now, life is moseying along. I am happier at work, at home, and play. We are looking forward to some time away to visit our relatives out west, and are practically counting the hours. Miss P can’t wait for the airplane, and to swim in the lake, I can’t wait to sit on the dock with my Kindle and read from morning till night (of course with the occasional swim and sauna thrown in for good measure).

I will continue on this adventure, because it is Mi Adventure.



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