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My Adventure Ended…. April 12, 2012

Going Home Is Hard To Do.

Well, I made it back home unscathed, somewhat rested, and with feelings of mixed sorts.

I was unbelievably excited to see my Paisley. God I missed her. 5 days away was long enough. I missed my girl, her drama, her early waking, her laugh, her excitement, I missed it all. I was so happy when I went in to kiss her at 2 am, she woke up briefly, and smiled, and said “Mummy, I missed you”…melted my heart.

I was excited to see Shaughn, but truthfully, we still haven’t seen each other. We have not connected, I haven’t really told him anything about my trip. He has seen a few pics on Instagram, but really that’s about it. I hate this.

My life seems to have just continued exactly where I left off, I got home, got things ready for work, slept for 4 hours, woke up and had the kids that morning. Nothing has changed. It’s still the same life.

When I left, I was going for a break, which I did get. I spent time doing things I love, I was in the outdoors pretty much everyday, I was able to explore a new city, and be with a wonderful friend. I was able to remember who I was, and where I came from; before I was Mummy, before 5 kids called for me every minute of my 10 hour work day. I was able to laugh, and cry and talk…and talk….and talk. I was able to have real conversations, that weren’t filled with interruptions, or explanations.

I enjoyed doing new things, and hearing new stories about things and places I had never been or seen. It was wonderful to be away.

On Monday, I woke with the weight of the world on my shoulders. I knew my time away was over. I had to go back. Real life was calling my name. I packed and got ready for my trip to Milwaukee. Thankfully it was a 3 hour drive, still time to talk, and laugh. As soon as Miller Park (where the Brewers play) came into view, my stomach dropped. It was really ending. I was going to have to say goodbye. I hate goodbyes. HATE THEM. There was a pretty big line at the train station and we were able to talk a bit more before I boarded.

And then I had to go. My adventure was over. I had to say Good Bye to Elliot, see you in July.

It was a very uneventful ride to Chicago, I snuggled with Paisley’s cow, and just stared out the window. A million things drifted through my head as I watched the world pass out my window.

I finally arrived home to London at 2 am. It was a long trip, I was exhausted. I was looking for my bed before I stepped a foot inside the door.

So, now I wait till July. Elliot will be here for my vacation, and I will show him London, we will be hitting our Pride festival, checking out Toronto and Niagara Falls, campfires, and fun. I can’t wait. Another break. Hopefully by then Shaughn will be more settled in a job, and my life will resemble something of that of a year ago, and not my current crazy.





These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things… March 1, 2012

I do not sing like Julie Andrews nor do we share favourite things!

I have been racking my brains to come up with a post for the last couple of days. We are dealing with a bunch of fevers and puke, so really blogging hasn’t been a top priority. That being said, I am trying to be dedicated to this, and a blog post doesn’t always have to be deep and insightful. Does it?

So here, in no particular order are 10 of my favourite things. I am not including my kiddo, hubs, or pets…well, maybe my dog, but these are other things that I love.

10) I love, love, love to travel. Preferably by ground. I hate to fly. As a teen, and a huge disappointment to my parents, I dropped out of college and backpacked across Canada. It was probably one of the defining moments in my life. I later moved to Nunavut for work, and honeymooned in Australia and Hong Kong. I would love to travel more, I want to see India, and explore China. I want to stay in a castle (Damn you Downton Abbey) and I want to see more of this world!

9)Books. I love to read. I always have. As a kid I would read several at a time, leaving them all over the house. Now I have a Kindle; I still have several on the go, but they are all in one neat package. Some of my favourite books include: Kicking Tomorrow -Daniel Richler, The Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kravitz – Mordecai Richler, The Catcher In The Rye – J.D. Salinger, The Anne Of Green Gables series – Lucy Maude Montgomery, I’m also partial to Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, and Harry Potter…

8) Gardening. I suck at it, I hate bugs, but I love the feel of soil, water, and mud. I like to be dirty. The smell of the earth just makes my day. Last summer I dug out 3 gardens in my backyard, and the summer before I dug out a huge front garden. I love the colours of flowers, they make me happy

7) I love a good storm. I like feeling deliciously scared. Watching the trees whip around in the wind like they are paper, hearing the thunder crack, and to see the lightning spear across the sky. I love the smell of the rain, and the cool air it brings on hot summer nights. I will often turn all the lights out, and sit with my window open just to experience it all without getting wet. I love me a good storm.

6) Photography. I love to capture moments in time. Happy, sad, angry. I love share in someone else’s moment. I used to develop film in a darkroom,  before the digital age. I would sit impatiently waiting to see what transpired; did I get my shot? Was it saying what I wanted it to say? I loved to screw around with filters, and washes. Now, I love my digital camera, but I really miss the darkroom and the wonders it held.

5) I said I wouldn’t say my dog, but I lied…and now you’re halfway through, you have to finish. I love my big dumb dog. Her name is Stella…yep…Stellaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. That’s her. She’s a lab/retriever/ridgeback. We adopted her at 6 weeks from a shelter. She was adorable. We soon came to discover she wasn’t the brightest bulb in the box, but I didn’t care. She was my dog. She is loving, loud, and obnoxious. Just like me.

4) I love to pour over the weekly ads that show up in my mailbox on Thursday and Friday. I love to go through each one, noting the discounts, what’s new, and what I just have to have. I never really buy any of it. But I love to look. Same with Avon books. A neighbour sells it, and every two weeks she pops one in the box. I don’t wear makeup, and I don’t have time to do my nails, but I love to see what is coming into fashion. I again love colours. I just wish I had time and energy to devote to them…

3) I love the water. Lakes, oceans, streams, pools, I love them all. I love to hear the water, feel it. I love to watch it shape itself, knowing if I look away it will take on a new shape. Each ripple, wave, white cap, speak to me. I blame it on being a Pisces, but I don’t know if that’s it. I love how water is cleansing. We shower to clean, we cry to clean our souls. I love to watch things in the water, bugs, frogs, fish. I love fish. I have two goldfish, Ferris and Cameron. I can sit for hours watching them swim around their tank, it is beyond relaxing.

2) Talking. I will pretty much talk to anyone. I love people, I love to learn what makes them tick. I enjoy their stories. I often think that I like to live vicariously off of others because my life is so boring! It’s not really, but sometimes… I think I am rather approachable, usually it just takes a smile and the next thing you know I am in an in-depth conversation about politics, or child rearing, or even laundry detergent.

1) Lastly, I love soup. There is nothing that makes me feel better than a good bowl of soup. Hot, warm, home-made soup. Broth based, or cream, veggies, noodles, meat, fish…GAWD I love soup. Now, I do not ever put crackers in my soup, that would of course RUIN it! I do usually add pepper though. Soup with Pepper. If I ever had a million dollars, I would totally open a restaurant that served soup and sandwiches. That’s it. Coffee, tea, water, pop, and soup and sandwiches. A girl can dream….

Anyways, not my usual post. But these are a few of my favourite things!

Can't you taste it?!?!


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